Incremental Housing India

«The project’s main idea is to develop a strategy in order to turn informal slums into permanent urban districts through a process of gradual improvement to existing dwellings instead of demolition rebuilding». incremental housing india

Alcabideche Social Complex

From the architect. Portugal is not a Mediterranean country, but the fact that it has been conquered by people from the south, Romans and Arabs, has left us with a southern culture and life style, where there is a balance between privacy and life in society. […]

Vitrahauz / Herzog & de Meuron

Designed to display the furniture brand’s Home Collection, the five-storey building consists of stacked volumes with pitched roofs covered in charcoal stucco.The concept of the VitraHaus connects two themes that appear repeatedly in the oeuvre of Herzog & de Meuron: the theme of the archetypal […]

Double House Utrecht, MVRDV from the architect: “In a suburban street by a splendid nineteenth century park in Utrecht, two separate families share one single site. Both wish to combine the finest views of the park with easy access to the street, the garden and the roof. By […]

House at Megara, Greece

house at Megara, Greece From the architect. “The house is a frugal yet decisive answer to the need of a family shelter in the midst of a rather recluse site. It is articulated through the creation of two interior courtyards, while the interconnection of its open and […]

NA House-Sou Fujimoto

na house sou fujimoto HOUSE NA was designed in 2010 for a couple on their early forties,  it is located in a quiet neighbourhood of Tokyo and is around 592 square feet. HOUSE NA is compared with a tree because the tree has many branches, […]