Alcabideche Social Complex

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From the architect. Portugal is not a Mediterranean country, but the fact that it has been conquered by people from the south, Romans and Arabs, has left us with a southern culture and life style, where there is a balance between privacy and life in society. The Alcabideche Social Complex is a housing complex promoted by the Fundação Social do Quadro Bancário (Social Foundation for the Banking Sector), of high quality in terms of construction and landscape, which aims to help to fill a gap in the elderly support system. 

Photo credits. © Ricardo Oliveira Alves

socialcomplex-in-alcabideche-guedes-cruz-arquitectos social-complex-in-alcabideche-guedes-cruz-arquitectos__2 social-complex-in-alcabideche-guedes-cruz-arquitectos__4 social-complex-in-alcabideche-guedes-cruz-arquitectos__5 social-complex-in-alcabideche-guedes-cruz-arquitectos_3 complex in alcabideche