Pop-up village

….Each two-bedroom home exceeds the London space standard at 75 sq m and includes a storage room big enough for some estate agents to attempt to pass it off as a bedroom. The flats are well insulated and will cost just £10 a month to […]

Casa Butanta_Paulo Mendes d Rocha

Casa Butanta, is designed by the architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha for himself and his sister, in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The ideal of Mendes da Rocha to make public spaces architectural generated character is reflected in the Butanta home. The project tries to make the house […]

Casa Da Musica

The Y2K project (the early Casa da Musica) was designed in 1999.  The Dutch client of the house was very demanding.  The design was special and the project was a challenge for the architect. When they started working on the project, the client wasn’t satisfied […]

Mobius House_UnStudio

  Mobius House combines the different scenarios of living and working with one unique way in a building. The house designed for a married couple working at home. Based on the Mobius loop, indicating the endless flow between spaces related to the 24 hour – […]


  Beyond the Tent: Why Refugee Camps Need Architects (Now More than Ever) By  Katherine Allen In 2013 alone some 1 million people have poured out of Syria to escape a civil conflict that has been raging for over two years. The total number of Syrian refugees is well over […]

Social housing in Mulhouse

    The experimental row house development Cité Manifeste aims to provide maximal instead of minimal apartments for all. Of the five architecture teams hired, have done the most radical job of meeting demands for higher capacity and increased leeway for individual appropriation. The architects Lacaton & […]