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Timmerhuis and PXP, both projects by OMA are emblematic buildings that bring together different worlds through their mixed uses programs. They represent a new “form” of architecture, displaying terms as fragmentation, pixelation and modularisation and become a new “game” in their users’ hands of adaptation. […]


    Sharing Microcosm. Challenges in uncertain Context The Studio continues the investigation of the challenges that emerge through housing design in uncertain content. This year the site is the city center of Nicosia and precisely what is called the ‘’triangle’’, the area form between […]

Habitat ’67

Habitat ’67 is a historic monument, recognized around the globe. This emblematic building, had significant press coverage and caused a lot of ink to flow, both locally and internationally and still does. Not only he came up with ways to improve the housing complexes: with the prefabricated interlocking and interconnecting overlapping modules, creating private and communal spaces, planted terraces and more, but he also sets the tone as to where architecture should be taking as next in this new lifestyle witch demands different housing qualities.

Pop-up village

….Each two-bedroom home exceeds the London space standard at 75 sq m and includes a storage room big enough for some estate agents to attempt to pass it off as a bedroom. The flats are well insulated and will cost just £10 a month to […]

Casa Butanta_Paulo Mendes d Rocha

Casa Butanta, is designed by the architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha for himself and his sister, in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The ideal of Mendes da Rocha to make public spaces architectural generated character is reflected in the Butanta home. The project tries to make the house […]

Casa Da Musica

The Y2K project (the early Casa da Musica) was designed in 1999.  The Dutch client of the house was very demanding.  The design was special and the project was a challenge for the architect. When they started working on the project, the client wasn’t satisfied […]