Representation techniques for the design research of residential interior space

(Photoshop & Rhinoceros)


Aim of this course is the investigation and reinvention of residential interior space based on the design of ”inhabitable surfaces”. The term ”Inhabitable surfaces” refers to furniture and in general interior light structures that define interiority of a room in two or three dimensional configurations. The interior investigation will be realized with the use of Photoshop and Rhinoceros design techniques.

Students can either use ”The Core House” or a house of their choice. Either way, emphasis should be given on interior space and the geometry an material characteristics of interior objects. This can be realized with the methods of juxtaposition and layering, organizational design tools like grids, spatial configurations and material qualities. Sketches and architectural drawings (plan, elevation, section, perspective or orthographic view) are the basis for this experimentation with the digital tools.

The investigation of space with the digital tools should inform the design process in an interactive and non-linear way. The result of this representation study should transmit the design concept.


”The Core House”

”The Core House” was developed by Μies van de Rohe’s office in collaboration with Myron Goldsmith and students of Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)’s school of architecture (1951-2). ”The Core House” was a series of case studies on the design research of housing prototypes aiming to speculate on the essential modern dwelling.

”The Core House” prototype consists of a square space enclosed with glass and four columns on its periphery that sustain the flat roof. Besides a service core situated in the middle of the square plan, the rest of interior is free to be arranged at will with furniture, curtains, or lightweight low partitions. Case studies of one, two and three bedrooms were developed with variations for their adaptation to different families and sites according to a 40, 50 or 60 feet square grid.